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We are a group of highly trained professionals with expertise in emergency medicine, emergency systems management, human communication, and neurolinguistic programming. We approach problem-solving for the needs of the new millennium with an innovative focus.

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Our Values


We constantly seek new ideas, approaches, and technologies to enhance and transform our services and solutions in emergency medicine. Innovation drives our commitment to staying at the forefront, delivering the best to those who trust in our services.


We are dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and competency standards in every aspect of our work. Professionalism forms the foundation of our integrity and quality, ensuring trust and respect in all our interactions and business practices.


We place people at the center of everything we do. Humanism guides our care, constantly reminding us of the importance of dignity, respect, and compassionate care in every encounter and service we provide.


We strive to understand and connect with the experiences and needs of others. Empathy drives our ability to provide genuine and personalized support, fostering meaningful relationships and creating an atmosphere of trust and understanding.


We aim for excellence in every aspect of our work. From customer care to the implementation of innovative solutions, excellence is our standard. We strive to exceed expectations and achieve the highest quality in everything we undertake.



Our Vission

we aspire to make a global impact

Be the leading choice in Mexico and Latin America for discovering innovative and comprehensive solutions in emergency medicine.

MTS Company

Transforming Emergency Healthcare

As a company dedicated to implementing the Manchester Triage System (MTS), our mission is to revolutionize emergency healthcare practices. We aim to improve patient outcomes by providing healthcare professionals with a standardized and efficient triage system. Our commitment to the MTS stems from the belief that a well-organized and prioritized approach to emergency care leads to quicker interventions, better resource allocation, and ultimately, enhanced patient care.